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Presenting Author Abstract Title Talk/Poster
Adhitama, Nikko The RNA binding protein CELF1 represses the male determining gene Doublesex1 via its 5´ UTR in the crustacean Daphnia magna poster
Baek, S. Chan An integrative model for the prediction of DROSHA-mediated processing poster
Blazek, Dalibor CDK11 regulates pre-mRNA splicing by phosphorylation of SF3B1 talk
Boskovic, Ana  The role of tRNA-fragments in intergenerational epigenetic inheritance talk
Chen, Ling-Ling The lncRNA SLERT regulation in the human nucleolus talk
Chen, Shirui Functional specialization of monocot DCL3 and DCL5 proteins through the evolution of the PAZ domain poster
Cheng, Steven Systemic root-to-shoot mobile long noncoding RNA ELENA1 negatively regulates nitrogen deficiency induced senescence talk
Deng, Lijun A RNAi screen identifies Pcf11, a conserved transcriptional termination factor, required for piRNA-mediated co-transcriptional silencing poster
Draycott, Austin Non small cell lung cancer cells require dihydrouridine synthase 2 to sustain levels of tRNACys and resist ferroptosis talk
Eyras, Eduardo Simultaneous identification of m6A and m5C reveals coordinated RNA modification at single-molecule resolution talk
Fox, Archa NONO enhances mRNA processing of super enhancer-associated GATA2 and HAND2 genes in neuroblastoma talk
Garcia-Campos, Miguel Angel STORM-seq—A technology for simultaneous sequencing of twelve (and more) rRNA modifications allows exploration of their dynamics across the tree of life talk
Hagiwara, Masatoshi Chemical induction of splice-neoantigens attenuates tumor growth talk
Hanai, Yuma Cost-efficient intronic NHEJ (non-homologous end joining) knock-in system for making fluorescent reporter cells poster
Hayashi, Sachiko Pumilio homologue Puf3p coordinates CAT5/COQ7 expression non-canonical binding-sequence dependently poster
Hentze, Matthias Riboregulation—Biology, mechanisms and scope talk
Hiraizumi, Masahiro Cryo-EM analysis of the type V-K CRISPR-associated transposase complex poster
Hong, Seonghyeon Identification of the sequences and proteins that distinguish pachytene piRNA precursors from other RNAs poster
Huang, Youkui CRISPR-dCas13-tracing reveals transcriptional memory and limited mRNP export in developing embryos poster
Hussein, Samer Unravelling the function of Tapir lncRNA in regulating pluripotent cell states poster
Ito, Kei Minor spliceosome removes introns of centrosome-related genes to ensure proper number of the centrosome poster
Iwasaki, Yuka  Co-transcriptional silencing and heterochromatin formation by nuclear PIWI-piRNA complex talk
Jensen, Torben Heick Early transcription termination and RNA turnover pathways talk
Ji, Zhe Integrated analyses of ribosome profiling across eukaryotes reveal expansion of functional noncanonical peptides and polycistronic RNAs in mammals poster
Jiang, Yan Defective phase condensation properties of MeCP2 linked to mis-regulation of pre-mRNA splicing in Rett syndrome talk
Jinek, Martin Molecular mechanisms of RNA-guided CRISPR-associated nucleases and transposons talk
KANEKO, Shunya m7G RNA modification by METTL1 stabilizes tRNAs and maintains fertility via controlling spermatogenesis in Drosophila melanogaster talk
Kato, Yasuhiko Analysis of the transactivation region of the 5´ UTR overlapping lncRNA DAPALR in the crustacean Daphnia magna poster
Kim, Junsoo Heterogeneous ribonucleoprotein interactions and impeded translational elongation in the respiratory tissue of SARS-CoV-2 pathology poster
Kim, Myeonghwan Short poly(A) tails are protected from deadenylation by the LARP1-PABP complex poster
Kim, Narry RNA regulation in the virosphere—A functional viromics screen uncovers a novel RNA regulatory mechanism talk
Kitagawa, Daiju  The emerging role of minor intron splicing in centrosome assembly and microcephalic primordial dwarfism talk
Kjems, Jørgen Characterization of full-length brain-derived circRNAs and their function in neural development talk
Kong, Sek Won Impact of local genetic ancestry on the regulation of gene expression poster
Krainer, Adrian Antisense therapy in mouse models of histone H3.3 K27M diffuse midline glioma inhibits tumorigenesis, promotes neural and glial differentiation, and increases survival talk
Ku, Doyeong Stabilization of mitochondrial double-stranded RNAs by SLIRP amplifies the antiviral signaling and promotes interferon response poster
Lafontaine, Denis Human diseases of ribosome biogenesis dysfunction talk
LEE, SANGWOO Increased mRNA and protein expressions of Semaphorin 4D as a contributing factor for salivary gland lymphocytic infiltration in Sjogren's syndrome poster
Lee, Young-Yoon Molecular and structural insights into pre-miRNA processing by human DICER talk
Li, Guowei Deep learning-driven interpretation of alternative polyadenylation in single cells with 3' tag-based RNA-seq poster
Li, Lan FAP-MG fluorogenic photosensitizer for wash-free RNA Proximity labeling upon near-infrared (NIR) light activation poster
Li, Ying Small-molecule based proximity labeling for RNA localization studies talk
Liang, Jiying An orthogonal strategy for dual-location RNA labeling with APEX2 and singlet oxygen mediated methods in live cells poster
Lim, JinA Double-stranded RNAs mediated antiviral signaling induces TGF-β independent epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition poster
Lin, Chien-Ling Mechanism and prediction of splicing errors from human mutations poster
Lin, Chien-Ling Multiplexed assays of human disease-relevant mutations reveal UTR dimer composition as a major determinant of RNA stability poster
Liu, Chu-Xiao Regulation of the steady-state circular RNA surveillance by the ribonuclease DIS3 poster
Liu, Wei The mechanisms of siRNA selection by plant Argonaute proteins triggering DNA methylation poster
Ma, Jinbiao Structural insights into ATP-dependent processing of long double-stranded RNAs by Drosophila Dicer-2/Loqs-PD talk
Matsuura, Eriko METTL18-mediated histidine methylation of RPL3 modulates translation elongation for proteostasis maintenance talk
Mayeda, Akila A novel pre-mRNA splicing mechanism with RBM17 (SPF45)–SAP30BP complex for a subset of human short introns talk
Miyazaki, Kanae Translation control mediated by antitumor proteins Tob1/2 independent of mRNA decay poster
Nakagawa, Ryoya Cryo-EM structure of the transposon-associated TnpB enzyme poster
Nakagawa, Shinichi A super-disordered protein Hero11 is a novel nucleolar component essential in mice poster
Neugebauer, Karla Control of gene output by co-transcriptional RNA processing mechanisms talk
O'Carroll, Donal piRNA-directed DNA methylation during mammalian germline development poster
odhiambo, Cynthia Awuor Weighted gene co-expression Network Analysis (WGNCA) reveals metabolic and Immune proteins are closely associated with Insecticide resistance in Anopheles arabiensis poster
Omura, Satoshi Mechanistic and evolutionary insights into type V-M CRISPR-Cas effector enzyme poster
Onoguchi, Masahiro Comprehensive analysis of the LINE1-associated proteins and estimation of novel regulators of LINE1 poster
Onoguchi, Rena Heat shock stress response through HiNoCo-body, a novel noncoding RNA containing nuclear body poster
Qi, Yijun Genome-wide identification of RNA-chromatin interactions reveals coding-independent function of mRNAs in transcriptional regulation talk
Rissland, Olivia Codon optimality—A potent mechanism for post-transcriptional regulation talk
Roca, Xavier A GC-rich splicing signature regulated by various factors important for human myeloid cells poster
Saito, Hirohide MicroRNA-driven cell programming—A novel method to generate human naïve iPS cells talk
Saito, Hironori Pateamine A mediates selective translational repression by anchoring eIF4A to GNG motifs poster
Sakai, Satoshi Comprehensive analysis of long non-coding RNAs induced by TGFβ and their functional analysis poster
Santos Rodriguez, Gabriela Long-read comparative transcriptome and RNA modification analysis across mammalian evolution poster
Sarnow, Peter Translated and untranslated virus-derived circular RNAs populate hepatitis C virus-infected cells talk
Shachar, Ran Uncovering the sequence and structural determinants guiding m6A evolution via inter and intra-species hybrids poster
Simard, Martin Function and regulation of the microRNA pathway in animals talk
Son, Soomin Intronic microRNA processing is facilitated by the proline-rich disordered domain of DROSHA poster
Stroup, Emily Deep learning of human polyadenylation sites at nucleotide resolution reveals molecular determinants of site usage and relevance in disease talk
Su, Shicheng Cryo-EM structures of human m6A writer complexes poster
Suzuki, Shunsuke Novel brain-expressed lncRNA, HSTR1, identified at a human-specific VNTR locus with a human accelerated region poster
Tan, Meng How A circularly permuted CasRx platform for efficient and highly site-specific RNA editing talk
Tan, Stephanie Targeting mitochondrial RNA processors enhances epigenetic therapy in lung cancer poster
Tarn, Woan-Yuh Phase separation of Y14/lncRNA contributes to DNA damage repair poster
Tomari, Yukihide A canonical chaperone and a heat-resistant obscure (Hero) protein mediate similar aggregation suppression and conformational extension of TDP-43 talk
Tomohiro, Takumi Eukaryotic translation initiation factors 4B and 4H contribute differentially to translation stimulation. poster
Tomuro, Kotaro Modified ribosome profiling enables the absolute quantification of global translation poster
Um, Buyeon Dynamic remodeling of mRNP during mRNA life cycle talk
Wakigawa, Taisei Gravity activates mitochondrial translation through cell adhesion-FAK axis poster
Wan, Yue Understanding RNA function through structure talk
Wang, Jiayin Complicated target recognition by archaeal box C/D guide RNAs talk
Wang, Yanli How AcrIIC4 and AcrIIC5 inhibit Cas9 talk
Wu, Hao PABPC1 modulating adenosine (A)-enriched circRNAs export during neuronal differentiation poster
Wu, Jing The novel long noncoding RNA lincNeur promotes neuroblastoma by up-regulating AURKA and Myc expression poster
Wu, Mian Metabolon, is it a hypothesis or real phenomena talk
Yamaguchi, Sonomi Structure of the Dicer-2–R2D2 heterodimer bound to a small RNA duplex talk
Yoshihisa, Tohru Regulation of tRNA repertoires in the budding yeast talk
Yoshimoto, Rei 4.5SH RNA counteracts deleterious exonization of SINE B1 in mice talk
YOU, RENIN miRNA and RBP modulation re-sensitizes tyrosine kinase-mediated signaling in drug-resistant CML poster
Zamore, Phillip Adventures with the Argonautes talk
Zhang, Jiacheng Revisiting drug discovery by targeting RNA and AI poster
Zhang, Qiangfeng Computational prediction and CRISPR-Cas12a knockout and rescue assays identify many functionally conserved lncRNAs from zebrafish to human talk
Zheng, Binglian Turnover and function of lariat RNAs in plants talk







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